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Why should I choose Freedom Windows?

We started in the window business in 2006. We have access to the best windows in the market and are not limited by a single brand. Our team is trained in the correct methods of window and door replacement. They also have the full support of each of our brands offered. You can deal directly with our family ownership and our team of army veterans who are in the

Can I trust installers to be in my home?

Our salespeople and installers are OUR employees. They will always be uniformed and courteous. We do not sub-contract work to outside staff.  

Where are you located?

We are in the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth area; Grand Prairie. We cover Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Ellis counties. We can go outside of our general area for certain projects. 


What is the difference between glass replacement and window replacement?

Glass replacement is glass that can be replaced in your existing window frame. Window replacement is replacing your existing window frame and the glass – all in one. 

What type of Window styles are available to me?

Windows come in various styles to choose from, including:

  1. Single hung – only the bottom sash moves up/down;
  2. Double hung – both sashes are movable up/down;
  3. Sliders – sash moves left/right;
  4. Picture – solid window does not move at all;
  5. Casement – window hinges outside from the side;
  6. Awning – window hinges outside from the top; and
  7. Hoppers – window hinges outside from the bottom.

What is tempered glass, and do I need it?

Tempered glass is super-heated during production so that it will shatter into a million pieces if broke. Tempered glass is mandatory for windows that are:

  • over 9 square feet
  • are 10 inches from the ground
  • 24 inches from a door
  • in a bathroom. 

Does the new window come with a screen?

Yes .

Do you offer blinds between-the-glass?

Yes, we offer replacement door glass and windows with blinds between-the-glass. This option is by request only and does have a higher cost than our standard glass and windows.

Do you offer grids/grills inside the glass?

Yes, you can order glass or windows with grids/grills. Many people ask this question to go with or without grids. However, iIt is our opinion that grids date the home and look less like a new home. However, in some instance, it does make sense.

Do you offer solar screens?

Yes, we can provide solar screens at an additional cost. In most cases, the new windows are so efficient that solar screens are not necessary.


What factors go into my window replacement job?

Windows come in various styles; single hung, double hung, sliders, picture, casement and more. Color is a consideration along with options like night latches, foam filled, etc. Size of the window; large, heavy windows. Accessibility; second story, trees and bushes, pool or a/c equipment. Lifetime glass warranty can also be purchased on some brands. These can all play a factor in the quoting and installation process. We tell our customers up front that some options can include additional costs. We will evaluate your job and let you know the full cost in advance.

How long does delivery take?

Once we receive initial funds, we typically have windows in 3-6 weeks and then schedule installation. We like to schedule our install day only when we have the windows on hand, in case of a delivery issue.

Do you need be inside my house to replace glass/windows?

Yes. It is necessary to have access to both sides of the window during replacement.  We strive to make installation a smooth process for you and respect our customer’s property.

How messy is replacing a window?

We will cover the immediate work area with drop clothes, then clean and sweep when done. There will be dust, usually just local to the work area – depending on wind conditions dust can travel. We typically have an inside installer and an outside installer to eliminate the need to go in/out of the house as much as possible and avoid tracking in dirt or debris. If you wish to add additional coverings to doorways or over furniture items then please have this completed upon our arrival for installation. We do not provide those materials at this time.

Do I need to move my furniture?

We will move furniture and take down blinds and drapes as needed. We ask that you move grandma’s urn, expensive artwork, or other valuables to another room.

How will this effect my alarm system?

Most modern alarm systems work with room sensors, so there is no problem with alarms. However, some homes may have window mounted hardware. These are often drilled into the window frame on the bottom. NO manufacturer’s warranty will cover drilling into the bottom of the window frame for alarms. We follow those same guidelines for our customers. Therefore, it is the customers responsibility to re-locate and/or update their security system before installation begins, if applicable. 

What if there is water damage from my old window?

Water damage can result from excessive sweating onto the window seal. Over the years, the wood may become buckled or warped. In other cases, the wood framing is rotted. We can replace this window seal for an extra charge. Typically, we can try to repair minor wood framing without an additional charge.

Will there be any drywall damage?

Not typically. We will repair if damaged by our team. Please contact us if you have questions.

Will I need to touch up the paint?

Not typically. Touch up painting is the customers responsibility.

What happens to my old windows?

 We will haul them off and dispose of them properly.

What if there is a problem after installation?

Give us a call and we will take care of it. See warranty section for more information.


Can you quote me on-line or over the phone?

We can talk in general terms over the phone. But to consider all the factors you can choose in a window and the installation process, it is necessary for us to come out. It’s a free consultation and estimate.

How much does a window cost?

There are many variables. Schedule a free in-home estimate to get the answer. 

What is the ROI (return on investment) on windows?

In the DFW area, the average price is $840 per window. The average ROI for a customer is estimated to be 72-75%, or $630 per window. On an average window size, we are priced at or below 100% ROI.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We are currently offering no interest AND no payments for 12 months.  We also have a no interest with 12 monthly payments option too. Other offers can be seasonal.


What is the warranty?

The manufacture’s warranty is 10 years. Installation is a lifetime warranty. Although very rare, caulking may get a hole in it from time to time due to weather changes and/or house shifting.

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